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    [TUT]Make Your Own Portable Apps


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    [TUT]Make Your Own Portable Apps Empty [TUT]Make Your Own Portable Apps

    Post  K-Ja-Chen Thu Nov 12, 2009 12:16 am

    Portable softwares are softwares in a single exe file that can be stored in usb flashdrives and suitable for use in different Pc's.

    This is a simple tutorial how to make your own portable apps. Here we will use winrar as our tool. Let' s get started..

    Things you will need:

    installer(optional) ex. mozilla firefox
    winrar archiver
    usb flashdrive

    1. First, install your favorite software in your PC(mozilla firefox for example).
    2. Next, go to My Computer - Local disk - Program Files and look for the folder of your installed app,(mozilla firefox in my case).
    3. Copy the folder to your desktop.
    4. Open the folder, select all items(ctrl+A).
    5. Right-click on it and choose "Add to archive".
    6. Delete all items except the generated rar file.
    7. Open the rar file with winrar.
    8. On the winrar panel, click on SFX. Then a pop-up will appear.
    9. Choose "Advance SFX options".
    10. On the general option, click "create in the current folder".
    11. In "Run after extraction" input bar, type the exe file of the software(firefox.exe in my case).
    12. Proceed to "modes" option, check the "unpack to temporary folder", and click on "hide all." Press OK and now you have your own portable app.

    Save the single exe file on your usb and test it on your pc. Enjoy.

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